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  Dispatching Iranian astronaut to below 200 km orbit

Announcing the beginning of spacesuit design studies and dispatching man to the Moon, President of Iranian Space Agency declared dispatching of Iranian astronauts to below 200 km orbit within the first five years of the project of dispatching man into space and finding location of Iranian Space Town for construction.


   Stating Iranian activities in the field of aerospace have been started later than the other countries, Dr. H. Fazeli, in the opening of 10th
Conference of Iranian Aerospace Society held in Tarbiat Modarres University, said: "Nevertheless, there has been a good action and a great deal of  achievements have been obtained and these retardations should be compensated by  universities and researchers."

Iran among the eight countries owning of satellite technology 

   Stating that Iran has joined the eight countries owning of superior technology of designing, building and launching of satellites into space in 2009, he asserted: "In this regard, and due to the recent advances in the aerospace industry in the country, in fiftieth anniversary of dispatching man to space, a special pavilion in an exhibition is dedicated to Iran. We will also will put on display the accomplishment of Iranian researchers and academic and research centers in the exhibition."

Stating the space power would be realized in dispatching man to space, the ISA president pointed out: "Only three countries have been able to achieve this technology. According to the prospect of the country, Iran should also reach the first place in the region in the advanced and modern technology and we must achieve the predicted targets before reaching the country’s prospect and according to the order of the president and emphasis of Supreme Authorities, Iran must dispatch human to space before the year 1400 Hijri (2020 A.D)."

According to Fazeli, having the best scientists of the world, Iran has the ability and potential to become to a space power. 

President of Iranian Space Agency, referring to the launching of Omid, the National Iranian satellite, riding on Safir rocket with a minimum sub-system tests, asserted: "In this respect, we have traversed this path very rapidly by the efforts of space researchers and scientists and Divine notice. The studies regarding the developed programs on dispatching human to space and Moon and launching satellites into GEO orbit will be discussed in Supreme Council of Space next week."

Preliminary steps in the country about dispatching human to space 

Expressing that the preliminary steps for dispatching man into space have been started in the country, he said: "Aerospace Research Center has been working in this field and on the engineering of life transfer into space for many years and scheduled for the next five years in this regard for the kind of payload and deciding on an investment in a required field of technology." 


Dispatching Iranian astronaut to below 200 km orbit

He added: "Due to the first Five-Year Plan of dispatching human to space, we intend to dispatch astronauts to below 200 km orbit and retrieve it safely." 

Fazeli also continued that research on the human physiology  has been done in Aerospace Research Institute for years and a special group has been formed by the effort of Dr. Bahrami, the founder of this institute.

Stating that the first step on the project of dispatching human to space was taken last year, President of ISA said: "This task was carried out by launching Kavoshgar-3 which contained a biological payload. By improving the technology, the heavier payload and more advanced living creature will be dispatched to space next year."


Following up spacesuit design and space capsule 

He reiterated: "Now, we are planning spacesuit design and geometry of space capsule and we have received some ideas from one of the universities, similar to the complex systems used by NASA in the United States. Also, some remarkable activities have been done in universities concerning the production of ceramics which can tolerate high temperatures and we will follow them, as well." 

President of Iranian Space Agency reiterated: "Our prediction is managing the mission of dispatching human to space and other space missions such as design, manufacture and launch of satellites, creating advanced laboratories, and defining student projects and managing the rings of overall acquisition and maturation of technology organized by the Iranian Space Agency, and we believe in systematic management." 

Fazeli, referring to academic projects on design of research satellite in universities, added: "In this regard, Space Research Institute of ISA is managing academic researches systematically." 
Regarding the support of ISA, he said: "If we wish to dispatch humans to space, the Government should support us, necessarily."

Location of Space Town construction

Stating that the strategies of National  Space Laboratory have been drawn up, Fazeli pointed out: "In this regard and according to the existing standards, we intend to establish Space Town and its location has already been detected. " 

According to ISNA, President of the Iranian Space Agency reiterated: "In the past, this organization played the role of a deputy under supervision of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Iranian Space Agency is now like many other countries is under supervision of  President to meet the needs of country in this field. "

On the other hand, regarding the position of this organization, a special authority should be given to this organization. Aerospace Research Institute of Ministry of Science and Engineering Research Institute of Ministry of  Agriculture Jihad joined the Iranian Space Agency, in this regard. 

He added: "The aerospace industry budgets are also to be centralized in ISA. However, I believe if this issue is not taken place, the project of dispatching humans to space will not be definitely performed."

Fazeli continued: "In the recent Conference of Iranians living abroad, an Iranian researcher offered a plan to ISA based on the monitoring of agricultural products of three northern provinces through space technology and this organization is to manage and perform it."


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